"I'm tired of 'packages'

...and I know you are too."


That's why the Films by Alexander aesthetic keeps it simple by centering around "Captured. Crafted. Curated. Films", because your film is more than just a film: it's your memories - Captured, Crafted and Curated into amazing Collections you'll share over and over again.

I love curating unique collections for each of my couples. We start with a film of your choosing and craft it to fit your needs, making sure no detail is missed. I then curate it with little mementos and special touches from your day, all wrapped in heirloom quality packaging - customized to reflect you both.

My Curated Collections are built with you in mind.

 Best of all, it starts at just $1,500.  Simple.


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  • Q. What are the prices?

    • Though pricing is a very real part of planning your wedding day, I’ve learned the most important part of telling a person’s story is to get to know them first.  With that in mind, it’s more important to me that we meet and talk about your day, before we start worrying about prices.  If you think we’re a great fit, I’ll be happy to provide you with a full price list for you to consider as we start to craft your film, your way.
  • Q. What is the difference between cinematic and documentary style?

    • At its most basic form, the two terms are directly related to “production value” or how many filming techniques are being used.
    • Cinematic style includes dynamic camera angles, slow motion, smooth gliding shots, and much more film or “movie-like” techniques plus there are advanced techniques used in post production. With cinematic style, the narrative of your day is not always told in linear form.  The film could go from reception, to pre-ceremony, to ceremony, then back to pre-ceremony.  It’s really up to the artistic direction of your videographer.
    • Documentary style aims to capture a more realistic narrative of your day.  It’ll include less dynamic camera angles and less, if any, smooth gliding shots while also reducing the amount of advanced techniques used in post production. This style is usually linear, allowing you to relive the day exactly how you remember it.  The simplicity of this style is often appreciated because the videographer has less intrusive equipment and can often go less-noticed during your ceremony.
    • Lucky For You! My background in journalism has taught me how to blend both these styles, so you get the best of both worlds.
  • Q. What music will be in my wedding film? Can I pick it?

    • Yes and no.  We all have our favorite songs we keep on repeat (Ice, Ice Baby, anyone?) but just because we love those songs doesn’t mean they’ll translate well into your wedding film.  By selecting me to be your videographer (which I’m mega honored by!), you’re choosing to trusting my artistic style which includes the songs I choose for your wedding film, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a say!  After we begin crafting your wedding film, I’ll send you a short questionnaire to better assist me in defining your music tastes!  Based on your responses, I'll pick the perfect music for you film.
  • Q. How do you record sound for the ceremony and other events of the day?

    • I pride myself in using professional audio equipment throughout your entire wedding day because good, clean audio is one of the key elements to a perfect wedding film and I strongly advise you consider that when reviewing videographers.  I use professional “shotgun” style mics along with comfortable and discreet lavaliere mics for the groom and may also mic the officiant in the same fashion.  For your reception, I can plug directly into your DJ’s audio board for amazing sound collection of all the toasts and fun times.
  • Q. Who does the shooting and editing?

    • As a “one-man-band” videographer, I do it all!  I’ll be there to shoot every moment of your amazing day, then edit it into your perfect wedding film.  This means I don’t have to pay a second videographer, keeping my costs down and saving you money.  I do offer a second videographer as part of the A La Carte options. You’ll meet them ahead of time and get to know them so there will be no strangers at your wedding!
  • Q. How obtrusive are you? We don’t want this to be a major production.

    • As a former journalist who specialized in investigative reporting… I know how to sneak around haha!  Being unobtrusive is one of my key-concerns during your wedding day.  Candid shots of the love you two share on your wedding day are the most beautiful and I do everything I can to be invisible so I can get those powerful moments on film.  Hiring a one-man-band videographer like myself, as opposed to a larger company, makes it even easier to go unnoticed.
  • Q. Do you offer all the RAW footage of the film?

    • You betcha!  All RAW footage of your wedding day is offered as an A La Carte item and delivered to you via custom hard disk drive(HDD) for safe keeping.
  • Q. Can I proof/review the wedding film before you finalize it?

    • Yes and no. Though I’d love to send you a rough cut of the wedding film, it can be too large of a file and difficult to prepare for electronic viewing online.  Plus, a rough cut isn’t done yet! Have you ever watched those HGTV remodeling shows where the homeowner walks into the unfinished home and panics because they don’t see the designer’s vision?  It’s the same here.  Choosing me as your videographer (again, mega-honored!) means you loved my work and trust my artistic direction. So rest easy!  And though it has never happened, if you are truly unhappy with a portion of the wedding film because of an inaccuracy or technical error on my part, it’s my prerogative to go back and correct your film, free of charge.  If you simply don’t like a portion of the film (not because of inaccuracies or technical error), you also have the peace of mind that I will gladly do re-edits an our hourly rate, billed separately.
  • Q. When will we get our final wedding film back?

    • I ask for a 24-week window after your wedding day JUST in case the day after your event I trip and break both my arms, all my fingers and, despite my best effort, simply cannot edit with my toes. I almost always deliver your film in around 8-12 weeks.
  • Q. Why is our Feature Film only 20+min long when our entire wedding day was 8 hours long?

    • There’s no denying your wedding day is going to be an amazing one and I definitely understand how you might think some of it could be lost with a 20+min film but that’s simply a huge misconception.  We can all agree there are moments, large and small, that are more powerful during your day than other moments and keeping the film at the 20+min sweet-spot allows me to create a powerful, concentrated, narrative telling your story.  Think about how Hollywood films a movie for a year or more and all the hours of footage those professionals have, only to cut it down to 1-2 hours. It’s the same concept. If it’s truly a concern, extending the film length can be negotiated and you always have the option of getting all the RAW footage of your day on a custom hard disk drive as an A La Carte item.
  • Q. Can I show my wedding film on mobile devices?

    • Of course! You can view your film on your mobile devices using the Vimeo.com app or right in your favorite web browser. As always, your videos will be hosted on Vimeo for at least a year after your wedding day.
  • Q. How do we save the date with you?

    • It’s simple!  You know I love simple.  After we’ve met to craft exactly how you want your wedding film to be, I humbly ask for 10% of the final agreed upon investment cost as a nonrefundable deposit to save the date but, don’t worry, as long as you don’t cancel (and why would you?!) that money is directly applied to your remaining balance.
  • Q. What is Vimeo?

    • Vimeo is a video hosting and sharing platform much like YouTube, only Vimeo is made by filmmakers who understand the premium services and quality your film deserves. The reason I choose Vimeo.com to host your wedding film is because Vimeo always plays your video at the highest quality possible, without ads or other distracting content... like cute cat videos.
  • Q. How can I pay?  Do you accept credit cards?

    • Heck yeah I do!  All major credit cards are accepted; however, a small transaction fee will be applied if you choose this method.  I also accept/prefer, cash & checks.
  • Q. Do you travel?  How far?

    • I’ve always heard shooting for the moon makes for a great destination wedding because even if you miss… you’ll land amongst the stars! *Insert cheesy joke drums here* haha! Seriously, I’ll be happy to travel to your wedding.  If overnight stays are needed, I'll book a room in your wedding block or equally priced hotel nearby. I also charge .60cent a mile outside of a 100 mile radius from Greenville, N.C. Travel expenses are invoiced separately from the total investment price of your wedding film.
  • Q. How do you work with my other vendors?

    • It’s one of my top priorities to contact your vendors ahead of your wedding day to meet and touch base with them.  I’ve always considered myself to be easy going and even easier to work with.  At my full-time job, I work with a photographer every day, so I know what they need and how best to accommodate their needs with my own.  I’ll do my best to make sure your day runs smoothly with me.
  • Q. Wait, this isn’t your full-time job?

    • Videography and storytelling is certainly my full-time job but doing wedding films is something I do as a hobby and I take great pride in it. During the week I do marketing and promotional videos for Pitt Community College, telling the amazing stories of students working hard and making a better future for themselves. Since wedding films are not my full-time job I only take a select few each year. I ensure quality by keeping wedding films as a hobby that I enjoy to do and that enjoyment really shines through in your film. Plus, I’m not pressured to quickly produce a lot of films to pay the bills.  My bills are paid, my mind is at ease, and the creativity flows right into your video, not 10 other wedding films.


Coverage with no time constraints so no precious moment goes unnoticed

Three(3) HD cameras to capture every angle

Pro audio to capture every word

Custom heirloom packaging of the final film

My attention to detail, storytelling, and promise of quality